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Using new technology to streamline your Security compliance

The Security Industry has unique and complex administrative challenges. It is highly regulated with many and varied compliance obligations.Traditionally, Security companies have had to wrestle with a multitude of systems, including 'off-the-shelf' software, custom spreadsheets and of course the endless paper trails required to comply with regulators. However, new technology is changing all of that.

Securecy is a new platform that was originally developed in collaboration with three security companies - specifically for the Australian Security Industry. It is changing the way Security firms manage their businesses. Chris Hatcher, Operations Director of Securecy quickly realised the challenges faced in the industry. "When we were first commissioned back in 2015 to develop a platform for the Security Industry, we were really surprised to see our clients rely on so many systems and so much paper work. So we built a system from the ground up to pull everything into the one platform, including rostering, Licence checking, electronic reporting and sign on, a mobile patrol module, operational and HR reporting, staff messaging, inductions, document uploads, in fact everything our clients needed to run their business."

Securecy was first implemented in 2016 by Evolution Security.

"It's made a huge improvement to how we run our business. Everything is now in the one system, and we don't have to be in the office to check on things. We can log in from anywhere, any time", says Chris Hamlin, IT Manager of Evolution Security.

And Securecy has made compliance much easier to achieve. "Before we started using Securecy, we were using manual, hand written sign on sheets and incident registers. It was a mountain of paperwork and tracking individual reports was a nightmare. Now the sign on register and incident register is electronic, and everything is easily searchable," Chris says.

Securecy has even automated licence checking.

"One of our clients used to check every Security Licence weekly, so we contacted OneGov in NSW who manages the Security Licence data base. We were the first company to connect to their database for automated online licence checking and now every security licence in the system is checked every 24 hours on average. It's been another big time saver for our clients and it has vastly improved their compliance," says Craig Sheppard, Technical Director of Securecy.

After more than two years of exhaustive field testing and development, Securecy is now available to Security companies around Australia.

"It has been a lot of hard work, but we're thrilled with how the system has evolved and we're very excited about taking Securecy to the broader security market", says Chris Hatcher.