Software for licenced venues

Securecy is a complete 'end to end' software platform developed for licenced venues

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Software for Licenced Venues


The all in one solution

Licenced venues have unique administrative requirements... including rostering of a casual workforce, compliance and licence checking, incident reporting, operational and maintenance reporting, human resource tracking and development, a means of communicating with staff and management... and the list goes on.

Typically this diverse and complex administration process would require multiple systems and software, spreadsheets and a never ending paper trail.

Securecy now provides a complete 'end to end' software platform, so venues can run their entire administration through the one simple to use system.


Cloud based platform

Legacy software programs were typically hard installed on a computer in the admin office. Upgrades were slow, cumbersome and costly, and everything had to be done on the one computer. Privacy and discretion of data were non existent.

Securecy is a cloud based platform using a central data base.

This means Securecy can be used by anyone on any device.

Privacy is assured - as every user has a unique log in.

One of the key benefits is that staff and management can access Securecy from anywhere at any time. So if there is a critical incident or urgent issue to be addressed, managers can log in from anywhere in the world to see what's going on.


Fully compliant

The heart of Securecy is compliance.

Securecy was originally developed as an electronic incident register to replace the old, hard copy incident reporting books.

Securecy is compliant with multiple regulators accross different jurisdictions

Incident reports are very easy for staff to fill out and the reports can be searched via a number of criteria.

You can then email reports quickly and easily from within the system to relevant authorities, which serves to improve cooperation and relations with all stakeholders.


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Comprehensive, flexible - template shifts, bulk shifts, contractor shifts, split shifts.

licence management

Keep up-to-date with your personnels' licences. Alerts to you. Alerts to your staff.


Custom payroll output for seamless integration with your accounting software.

Document Management

All your documents in one place. Accessible, categorised, available to selected access levels.


Compliance is at the very heart of Securecy. Customised for each jurisdiction.


Compliance reports, operational reports, HR reports. Fixed reports, custom reports, report builder.


Electronic sign -on, staff create your timesheets. By personnel for payroll, by location for invoicing.


Make training documents and videos available to your personnel and management. Anytime. Anywhere.

Staff communication

Message personnel by email or SMS. Select by individuals, access level or by shift.

Human resources

Personnel ranking to Locations. Documentation, notes, assessments, availability, blockouts.

Staff Induction

Compel your staff to read and acknowledge documents before they can accept a shift.