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Queensland goes digital



Securecy becomes Queensland’s first fully compliant electronic sign on, crowd control and incident register.

We can now offer our QLD clients full use of Securecy's electronic sign on, crowd control and incident register.

Our electronic register has been available in other states for about three years, but the security act in QLD still required records to be hand written in a book.

However we have just had word that electronic form has been approved.

It is still the resposibility of operatives to keep and be able to provide all necessary records, but those records can now be managed and stored elctronically.

"We're excited to let our Queensland clients know about the new changes" says Chris Hatcher, Operations Director of Securecy.

"The benefits of haveing an electronic register are enormous, and it's made a massive improvement to compliance and administration for our clients in other states where our electronic register has been used", he said.

Securecy's Electronic sign-on and incident register is a key element of the entire workflow in the system.

Chris continues, "It means there is now a complete digital solution for Security companies - from when a guard is first added into the system, through rostering and automated site inductions, to sign-on, incident reports, then through to client reporting, payroll and invoicing, it's all in the one seamless system. The time savings are huge - which means an improved bottom line."


A copy of the Queensland Electronic security register guideline can be downloaded by clicking here.


For more information about Securecy, call 1300 564 990.

Or call Chris directly on 0417 220 326.