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Automated Security Licence Checking



Securecy is the first company in Australia to introduce automated Security Licence checking.

Every NSW Security Licence in Securecy's database is automatically checked and verified against the OneGov website every day.

Alerts for expired or cancelled licences go to Guards and Management and the validation streams through to the roster and compliance functions throughout the platform.

At the request of a client, the team at Securecy first approached OneGov in 2016 to see if Securecy could connect to the OneGov database to verify security licences.

Fortunately, OneGov responded and before long, Securecy was piloting the new feature.

"This is one of the most appreciated compliance functions in the system", says Craig Sheppard, Securecy's Technical Director.

"It saves a huge amount of time and provides a great tool to ensure a guard's licence status is up-to-date".

Securecy is now speaking with regulators around Australia to see if the same access can be provided in other states.