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Securecy launches Stadium Manager

The team at Securecy has been working closely with stadiums and contractors to develop a revolutionary digital workforce platform for events and stadiums... Stadium Manager.

Stadium Manager is a complete end-to-end workforce management solution, including:

• Rostering

• Detailed deployment information
• Contractor management
• Automated staff inductions
• Time and attendance
• Digital shift sign-on/off
• Payroll integration
• Document management
• Licence management
• Compliance
• Digital incident reports
• Shift logs and reports
• Messaging and communication
• Human resources
• Mobile patrol


No more spreadsheets!

Workforce deployments have typically started - and ended as spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are all very well, but they are not designed to manage complex workforces.

But no one has come up with a better option - until now.

Deployment templates can be loaded into Securecy, and new events can be created very quickly and easily.

Once the event is created, the roster, including roles and positions are automatically generated.

You can then simply allocate shifts to directly employed personnel, or contract the shifts out.

On game day, staff and contractors sign on to their shifts through the Securecy app, and file reports, shift logs and incident reports as required.

When they sign off, timesheets are automatically generated for payroll (and billing is applicable).

All seamless - and simple to use.


For more information about Stadium Manager by Securecy, call 1300 564 990 or send us an online enquiry.