Software for mobile Security patrols

Securecy is a complete 'end to end' software platform developed for Mobile Security Guard Patrols

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Mobile patrol software

Securecy is the ideal software platform for mobile, task based workforces.

Traditionally, managing a mobile workforce required multiple systems and software programs.

Securecy brings all of the functionality required to manage a mobile workforce into one, powerful, simple to use cloud based platform.

The system's core functions include:

• Comprehensive rostering functionality
• Licence and qualification checking
• SMS and email alerts
• Electronic signature capture
• Site visits (including GPS tracking)
• Site checklists
• Site routes
• Automated reporting and checklists for management and clients
• Automatically calculated timesheet for clients and personnel

... and so much more

Securecy is nimble, fully responsive for any device and the modules can be customised for your specific requirements.

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Comprehensive, flexible - template shifts, bulk shifts, contractor shifts, split shifts.

licence management

Keep up-to-date with your personnels' licences. Alerts to you. Alerts to your staff.


Custom payroll output for seamless integration with your accounting software.

Document Management

All your documents in one place. Accessible, categorised, available to selected access levels.


Compliance is at the very heart of Securecy. Customised for each jurisdiction.


Compliance reports, operational reports, HR reports. Fixed reports, custom reports, report builder.


Electronic sign-on, staff create your timesheets. By personnel for payroll, by location for invoicing.


Make training documents and videos available to your personnel and management. Anytime. Anywhere.

Staff communication

Message personnel by email or SMS. Select by individuals, access level or by shift.

Human resources

Personnel ranking to Locations. Documentation, notes, assessments, availability, blockouts.

Staff Induction

Compel your staff to read and acknowledge documents before they can accept a shift.

Mobile Patrol

Patrol notes, check in-out, check lists, automated reporting. All GPS tracked.

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